A New Type of Online Relationship

Can we all agree that when a sales assistant comes up to you in a store to ask if you need help it’s a little awkward? At least for me, because normally yes I do have an idea in mind of what I want to get, but if it’s not something I’m dead serious about buying I probably won’t need their help. A lot of stores have changed this type of approach for a more background plan of action. They pay close attention to the customer to see if anything catches their eye and then, and only then, they end up talking to the customer. The reason for this type of approach is to make the consumer more at ease in the store, which will make it more likely for them to actually buy something. With that in mind, why is our online relationship with our audience most of the times like a sales assistant approaching someone the moment the stepped inside?

Just because we hide behind websites doesn’t mean we can attack our audience with headlines that have no value to them. Things such as “My product is the best product”, “Hire me because I’m the best at my job” have become so standard that people don’t believe in it anymore. Your target doesn’t just want to know that you are the best in your field because other five companies have told him the same thing already. In fact, they want to know why your product or service is right for them. Marketing nowadays it has much more to do with creating a deeper connection with the consumer than to shoving them your product and asking them to buy it.



Take into consideration one of the most powerful brands out there, Dove. Their revolutionary “Real Beauty” campaign changed how marketers created strategies in 2004. It would have been very easy for Unilever to continue their pattern of talking about how their products were better than the competition, showing the benefits of getting a Dove shampoo instead of any other brand. But they didn’t do that. Instead, they decided to take the somewhat more complex route and attack issues that affected, and that still does, a lot of women out there. Dove could have stayed like many other brands but they took a stand and their campaigns are still talked about in the marketing field.


But how can you build a relationship with your target on your website, you might be asking? Simple things such as putting a photo of you or your team and talking about the company’s history can help. It gives the potential client an idea of who they might work with, it gives a face to the business. You can also focus on the sentimental part of your business or brand. People are more likely to purchase a product or a service if they feel a connection to you. Think about it like this, you would be more likely to buy a product that a friend recommended or a product you saw on TV or on an online ad. That’s what your online brand should be. You should treat your relationship to your customers as if you both were really good friends.

Besides the approach that I previously mentioned there are other things that can be done. One of them is answering questions. If you have on your website a FAQs have as many questions and answers there as possible. Answer everything that someone who does not know your company might ask. Treat your audience as a toddler who is curious about everything. If you can, even answer what makes your company stand out from the others. What makes you different? And why should they chose you and not someone else.

The reasoning behind doing this is because the consumer has a higher chance of purchasing a product or service if you are transparent with them beforehand. Otherwise, they might search for reviews and try to find the information you didn’t provide somewhere else.

By doing these simple techniques you can build your relationship with your target at a deeper level than before. Some simple changes can make your business grow. New customers will trust you more and it will be easier for them to become loyal clients in the future.


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