Project Description

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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  • AAA Wildlife has become one of Canada’s leading animal removal companies, employing the latest technology, pesticide-free and humane practices to the ethical control or removal of urban wildlife.

Focusing on Humane Wildlife Removal from Residences and Businesses

Campaign Goal:

  • The PPC Campaign goal was to improve efficiency & reduce the high cost per lead the client was experiencing by managing the Google Ads himself


  • Analyzing past data and search terms to employ new negative keyword/bidding strategies, thereby reducing the number of irrelevant searches triggering AAA’s ads to show.
  • We succeeded in maximizing AAA’s return on their ad spend, to the point that they were so busy with new jobs they had to pause their ads or else turn away new business!


  • Negative Keyword Strategy
  • Homeowner Audience Bid Adjustments
  • Seasonality Adjustments
  • Search term analysis
  • Search Term Analysis


Leads Generated:

Increased by 887%

Lost Impressions

Decreased by 140%

Cost per lead:

Decreased by 60%

Goal & Strategy:

  • The SEO strategy for AAA Wildlife focused on increasing organic traffic and impressions to their website. Using technical SEO, onsite and offsite optimization strategies, we helped AAA Wildlife reach their business goal of gaining more website traffic, leads, and customers.


Session Duration:

Increased by 39%

year over year

Organic Traffic

Increased by 70%

year over year

Organic Imressions:

Increased by 30%

over 6 months, year over year