Project Description

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Pest Detective – North Shore


Thorough & Effective Pest Control Experts serving BC Residents & Businesses


  • For over 30 years, home and business owners have trusted Pest Detective. Locally owned and operated, the North Shore location offers an array of pest control services, helping safeguard your property from insects, rodents and other wildlife.

Thorough & Effective Pest Control Experts serving BC Residents & Businesses

Campaign Goal:

  • The goal of the PPC campaign was to drive quality leads for pest control services, at an affordable cost per lead, as well as increasing transparency and hyperlocal optimization opportunities in partnership with individual Owners of the company’s 10+ locations in BC


  • To overcome the lack of transparency offered by a former agency, Soulpepper helped Owners understand their reports, competition landscapes and seasonal opportunities to focus their budget most effectively on Google Search.
  • Given the quality and trackability of initial leads, the North Shore location and other zones opted to increase their ad spend within 90 days of launch.


  • Ongoing A/B test on landing pages and ad copy and keyword optimization
  • Postal Code, Income & Time of Day Bid Adjustments
  • Seasonality Adjustments
  • Search term analysis
  • Lost Impression Share Analysis


Leads Generated:

35% Conversion Rates

1 in 2.85 clicks converting to a lead
**Industry Average is 11.5-13%, so if you’re conversion rate is above that, “you’re beating 90% of your competitor’s pages” – Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Average Ad Position:

Position 1.3

Showing ads almost always in the first position and above competitors

Cost per lead:

3x Below Industry Average

35-60 Leads a month, depending on ad spend

& Site Migration:

SEO Goal & Strategy

  • The SEO strategy for Pest Detective was kicked off by the need for a brand-new website theme, developed by Soulpepper and optimized for speed, user experience/mobile and other important SEO elements.
  • The team then carefully migrated the content from Pest Detective’s old website in what is called “SEO migration”, which is designed to preserve organic ranking levels achieved over years of previous SEO development on the old site. SEO Migration ensures all the SEO development built over the past years don’t go to waste and your company’s SEO development doesn’t have to start anew.
  • Soulpepper successfully completed the migration without dips in keyword ranking, and in many cases, even improved the ranking, despite being a brand new website. Thus, setting the tone for a new era of SEO progress that had not been possible with the older, outdated site.