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Every ecommerce site should be doing this. And since it converts two to one times higher than anything else, it’s important to get it right.


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Enticing shoppers to visit your stores

Formerly known as product listing ads, Google Shopping is a price comparison service that indexes product data. Anytime anyone searches for a product you carry, it pulls from your feed and puts it up. That feed gets updated automatically every day. Your product also has a very specific name. So how do you make sure that when someone types something in, your product shows up as much as possible? 

We are shopping feed optimization experts

Here’s the rub. When people search something, it’s going to pull from the title of the product and the description of the product. What else works on titles and descriptions?  SEO. So it’s a delicate balancing act to make sure when you’re making SEO changes, you’re not negatively affecting your shopping feed optimization. And since these ads convert two to one higher than any other, it’s important to get it right.