Mobile is not the future of the web. It is the present.

Understanding how to leverage the intricacies of mobile website usage is what separates your average web developer from a great web designer.


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The revolution is upon us

It’s official. At the end of last year it was reported that 60% of all online activities are now done using mobile devices. And the stats are staggering as it is expected that 2.9 billion smartphones will be sold around the world by 2017. The revolution is upon us and those who can adapt the fastest will be the early winners in an exciting new online marketing landscape.

We are web & mobile design experts

There are a range of misconceptions when it comes to mobile website usage that can lead to poor design decisions. A keen understanding of behavior patterns, defining your content stacking strategy, designing from a small screen user’s perspective and having the ability to optimize for mobile can help ensure your customer’s mobile experience is nothing short of extraordinary.