Chances are you have never heard of this. Neither has your website developer.

Companies are always worried about social and other channels. Then they go and overlook their most profitable channel.


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You had a website platform that carried you but now it can’t handle the size of your business. Just like you’d change offices because you need bigger space, you need to make a site migration.  And just like you have to get new office furniture, get hydro set up and buy insurance, you have to do that for a website. So how can you transition your online play without losing traffic and impacting the customer experience? It starts the minute you begin building a new website. 

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Google doesn’t like it when pages change. It likes history. If a domain has been there for years, then Google knows it’s trustworthy and traffic to the domain adds to that. But when you move to a new platform, Google hasn’t even had a chance to index it. So you start over at zero. As your site migration consultant, we make sure all your organic search history and weight moves with you, no matter whose building your site. Which ultimately helps you keep all of your traffic and sales.