Katherine Field

Katherine Field

The Magician Agency Manager

Responsible For
Ensuring you have what you need when you need it

Work Highlights
Helped grow BizDojo into an integral part of New Zealand’s booming startup scene
Startup Weekend Wellington Organizer
Hootsuite Ambassador

Most Fascinating Fact
Comprehensive yet utterly unnecessary knowledge of the dewey decimal system. Want books on dinosaurs? Head straight to 567.9!

Words To Live By
If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room

Blog Articles by Katherine Field

Google Shopping – What You Need To Know

Any ecommerce retailer who fails to make Google Shopping a priority is failing to take advantage of the single biggest vehicle of paid search growth. But while it’s easy enough to tick off all the boxes and be in there, simply getting listed doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful – or cost effective.

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Katherine Field