During the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the craze of “what am I going to get?” Kids will often make a fuss about getting the latest greatest toys, and adults will start making subtle hints to their partners, friends and family about what they want for Christmas. Often the fear of leaving the other party disappointed can leave one scrambling and stressing out about how they can get the person exactly what they want without breaking the bank. And all for what?

A moment of gratitude.

Instead of going through all the stress involved with the holidays, can we just fast-forward to that one moment of gratitude and stay in it forever? If we all tried to live the holiday season and our lives with more gratitude for what we already have and appreciate the small things in life – (i.e. the fresh hand-knit socks from grandma and the cozy nights with hot chocolate and family by the fire) the world would be a much happier place wouldn’t it?

In this day in age where consumerism rules, It can be difficult to feel a sense of gratefulness for what we already have, especially when you get caught in the vicious cycle of always wanting the latest greatest goods. In order to be more grateful for everything we live for, we must learn to do a few simple things:

1) Establish NEEDS versus WANTS.

2) Don’t give in to impulse.

3) Say “Thank You.”

4) Slow down and appreciate the little things.

5) Smile.

6) Celebrate successes – big or small.

7) Make your time quality time.

8) Give more than you get.

9) Share your gratitude.

10) Take care of yourself – Eat healthy, exercise, meditate.

By staying healthy and actively practicing these good habits, you will become more appreciative of the body and life you’ve been given. When you’ve hit the point where you are in tune with yourself and the people around you physically, mentally and spiritually, your wallet will also be sure to thank you. Win win.