What are some of the things a brick and mortar retailer needs to consider when starting an online store? Glad you asked. While much would depend on your sector and ecommerce goals, there are lots of strategies and tactics every retailer can follow that will help ensure a successful venture right out of the gate. Here is a few handy tips to getting your online store up and running.


Choose the right ecommerce solution

Determining the most appropriate infrastructure is your first step. The Content Management System (CMS) you choose to launch with will be the backbone of your online success. A couple of low cost, easy entry, high value platforms we recommend are Magento www.magento.com and Shopify www.shopify.com


Promote within your store

Lots of owners overlook this simple, but effective tactic. You can effectively drive current retail customers to become more engaged online customers by advertising special offers that are only available online while they’re already browsing or shopping in your store.


Be found online

If people can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. It’s that simple. So you’ll need to figure out Google search ads, SEM, SEO, organic search strategies, etc. If you are not an expert, enlist the help of someone who is.


Tie your POS to your online store

Another great tip is to make sure your POS at your retail location is tied in to your online store so customers can use their Club Cards and you have an opportunity to collect their data as a way to remarket to them in the future.


Make every bag a marketing opportunity

Don’t forget to employ traditional marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online store. One simple way is to create an attractive flyer that has a coupon in it that can only be redeemed online. Drop in it every bag your retail customer walks out with as a low cost vehicle to drive acquisition.


Email Marketing – Your secret weapon

Email marketing can play a huge role in the success of your online store. But you need to develop a strategy on what to sell, when to sell it and how to connect with your diverse audience of customers and prospects. A few months back we developed an entire series on How to Be An Email Marketing Magician. Click the link to uncover all the insider secrets we use to help our clients build an active roster of customers for a lifetime.


Make joining irresistible

You can’t force people into joining your online community, so make it desirous for them to do so. Make it easy and simple for them to do business online with you. Keep in mind they must be able to see the value in joining. The “what’s in it for me?” scenario has never been more applicable than when marketing online.


Patience, grasshopper

We’re known for creating outstanding results for our clients in record time. But if you’re going it alone, you need to accept the fact that it’s going to be struggle over the next 12 to 24 months before you see any tangible returns on your investment. Stay focused, be patient, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


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Written by Rik Klingle-Watt

About the author

Rik Klingle-Watt is a soulpepper and the writer of Not Business as Usual, an award-winning documentary about disrupting the business quo.

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