At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of finding ourselves scrolling through Instagram’s feed. With over one billion people using Instagram every month, it’s a no-brainer that this platform holds a lot of potential for businesses wanting to attract more customers. 
Today, we’re going to focus on 3 tools you can use to ensure you are leveraging your business on Instagram. 
  1. Consistency 
  2. Hashtags
  3. 80/20 Rule 
First off, if you haven’t already, ensure your Instagram profile is a business profile. You are a business after all. Being a business profile can help you gain valuable insight on the type of customers that are engaging with your posts. 
Now that you have a business profile, you can focus on these key tips:
Consistency in Branding
You want to personify your brand online. Does your business have certain colours or fonts that help customers recognize it? A helpful trick is to have a preset or theme that you’ve planned and apply to all your photos. You can see that most successful businesses on Instagram have a consistent theme for their feed.
Take a look at Soulpepper’s Instagram for an example. 
Consistency in Posting
You want your brand to be memorable. When you post consistently, customers are constantly seeing your brand appear either daily or weekly. So when the opportunity arises that they need to purchase something related to your industry, the first company that comes to their mind will be yours. 
Use Hashtags
Many people use hashtags as an afterthought at the end of their posts. But studies have shown that hashtags actually can increase engagement on your posts by over 12.6%. 
Researching and finding relevant hashtags for your industry is similar to keyword research for SEO. You want to find hashtags that customers in your industry are constantly engaging with and utilize them in your descriptions. 
The 80/20 Rule
Yes, this rule applies for Instagram as well. You want 80% of your business’s post to be engaging and give value to the customer (such as informational blog posts) and the remaining 20% can be more sales driven content.
You can also leverage your business profile on Instagram by promoting your posts! Keep in mind that its best practice to have a clear goal in mind when paying for a promoted post (such as getting more leads or gaining more brand awareness). As well, make sure you have your ideal audience locked down to ensure you’re advertising to the right people and not wasting your efforts targeting people who, frankly, don’t care. 
We realize it’s a bit tricky to plan, schedule, and set up a consistent and engaging business profile for Instagram, but we promise it’s worth it. If you ever need any help managing your business’s social media profiles, Soulpepper can help! We offer free initial consultations to conduct a quick audit and see how our digital marketing agency can help your business. 

The digital marketing experts at Soulpepper can help your business.