Last week I discussed some tips and tricks for running a successful Amazon campaign. Today I’m going to share with you the tools you need to make that happen. Anyone who is seriously thinking about selling on Amazon, and intends to generate a 5-6 figure monthly income, needs to have a combination of the following tools.


This is a very useful tool primarily for automated income tracking and seeing per item profit and loss, inventory management and analysis. Why is that a big deal? Because as you start running different campaigns, discounts, coupons, and doing that on multiple products, this tool is key to know exactly which products are making what, which need work, which are not worth the time, etc. This can be invaluable as you get caught up in launching and growing different products and have little time to see the big picture. It will show you exactly what is happening with your business and what you should focus on moving forward and what products need to be dropped.


Stay in the taxman’s good books with Taxjar, a tool that allows you to see sales tax collected by county & city. It refreshes the data you need to file with your sales tax returns automatically and lets you compare what you actually collected, versus what you should have collected. This is a multi-channel tool that also keeps track of your payment history.


WaveReview is a tool to follow up with your customers across many channels and especially through social to gain positive reviews and ratings across multiple networks. WaveReview is beneficial for all online and offline businesses, if you have some type of online presence then WaveReview is an asset. When it comes to Amazon Sellers, having feedback on other parts of the web can be very beneficial for your brand and products, driving traffic and finalizing a customers decision to purchase your product if they have decided to go off Amazon to do some research. WaveReview automates the follow up with your customers.


100% Amazon compliant, this tool generates seller feedback, product reviews and more. It allows you to message your customers in eight countries (, .ca, .mx, .uk, .it, .fr and .es) and automatically prompts real shoppers to review your products and generate organic reviews.


This next series of tool are secondary considerations but are very helpful in setting you up for success. There is an overlap in functionality, but in my opinion, a combination of the following should be used for anyone who is serious about selling on Amazon.


This provides a hugely powerful platform for tracking and analyzing the sales performance of products sold on Amazon. This allows you to understand how your products sell over time, measures the effects of your advertising, analyzes the sales of competing products and be alert to spikes or drops in sales.


One of the leading FBA Spy and niche discovery toolkits for retailers. But what really makes this exceptional is that it includes a powerful Amazon Super URL Generator. This allows you to create genuine Amazon URLs which, when shared, increases your Amazon search engine ranking. You can generate these super URLs on demand with a single click.


This Competitive Intelligence tool let’s you research and track your way to more Amazon sales. SellerMetrics helps automate researching and tracking Amazon metrics in an affordable and easy to use single platform.


Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking tool that lets you see daily rankings for your products for any keyword that you choose. It also provides sales tracking, best seller ranking per category, negative review notification and lets you optimize your Amazon listings for search algorithms with concrete tips.



This repricing engine will eliminate the outlying prices – those that are too low and too high – then from there it will determine where best to set your price given the condition of your item and the competitive environment (competing prices, conditions, & seller ratings), all the while applying the rules you set up.

CamelCamelCamel – Price monitoring

FBAToolKit – Estimation tools for FBA sellers

MerchantWords – Search Volume Estimator

FBARevenueCalculator – Amazon’s tool for calculating fees, revenue and profit

FreshKey – Aggregate searches from top sites (Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Youtube, etc)

AzonSellerTools – Tool set

PriceZombie – Price History Tracker

eShipper – Shipping Platform – If not using FBA

netParcel – Shipping Platform that boasts best rates and the easiest platform to use (if not using FBA)

shiptime – Shipping Platform (if not using FBA)

secureship – Shipping Platform (if not using FBA)

FlagShip – Shipping Platform touted as being better than ShipTime for the East Coast (if not using FBA)

Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool

AMZResponder – Amazon Email Responder, FREE (Beta)
So there you have it. These are the best tools available to set up, monitor and maintain your campaigns and business on Amazon. Good Luck!

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Written by Bachar (Beash) Kanaan

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