Do you have limited resources for social media marketing? Not sure what to post or when? Before you panic or give up on the benefits of social media marketing, we’ve compiled a short overview of the key fundamentals to use social media to effectively grow your business. 

Can’t create? Curate!

Sharing fresh and engaging content helps you increase your engagement rates while appearing to a wider audience. Are you feeling a little uninspired or are unable to post content every day? Curate information from reputable and/or industry-specific sources using tools such as Feedly or Flipboard. Be sure to give due credit.

The customer is king

Don’t create content just for the sake of it. One of the main goals of social media marketing is to increase engagement rates. You won’t be able to reach this goal if you do not include the customer in your posts. Maximize your engagement by creating content your audience can participate in using polls, quizzes or even giveaways. Get them excited to be a part of the process with worthwhile content.

Schedule your posts 

Create and schedule topical posts in advance using tools such as Hootsuite. This is a one-stop-shop tool that allows you to schedule and publish content, engage with followers, and analyze your campaigns and social media reactions.

Use the right hashtags

Go beyond creating a hashtag out of your company’s name. Finding and using trending hashtags pertinent to your business is a sure way to improve searchability and visibility across social media platforms. If you’re a little stuck and not sure where to start, consider these hashtag generators tools to fire up your social media: HashtagsForLikes or Instagram followers.

Don’t forget to add a video!

Adobe Premier Pro and Vimeo Create are easy-to-use video creation tools that will help set your content apart. A recent study found that at least 72% of users prefer videos over manuals before they make a buying decision. 


For additional e-commerce tools that will support your business, check out our list of resources to get you started.

-Team Soulpepper