Picture this: your business has invested in a sleek and professional website that sees multiple leads and clients banging on your door regularly, but have you ever wondered if it’s enough to offer your services online in English only? We’re going to take you through 7 reasons why your business should translate your website copy into other languages. 

Grow your reach

The main objective of offering a multilingual website is to grow your audience by tapping into a new client source that may have previously been underserved (by your firm). This is especially true given that we live in a multicultural and diverse country. Making your content available in other languages casts a larger net to bag new potential clients.

Build Trust

It’s no secret that most people gravitate towards what they know and understand. Your firm can further its lead generation efforts and gain a client’s trust if you can communicate with them in a language they comfortably understand. Undoubtedly, it’s difficult to establish credibility if your message is unclear or incomprehensible to many, especially when explaining more complicated concepts According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, 90% of internet users stated that when given a choice, they always visited a website in their language.  By translating your web content into other languages, you can build trust between your firm and potential or existing clients.

You already offer your services in multiple languages

If your business provides a particular service in multiple languages, your website should showcase those spoken languages. By not providing a means for potential and existing clients to find pertinent information on your website in a language they can fully understand could result in a competitor stealing them without you even knowing it.

Competitive advantage

As noted above, organizations that offer multilingual services and websites may have a leg up on competitors online. Having a multilingual website can help you stand out from rival companies that may otherwise offer the similar services you do. This language distinction could be that one thing that sees your phone ringing a lot more than your competitors.  

Enhance your SEO strategy

A professionally translated website can boost your firm’s overall search engine optimization (SEO). If you already have a solid digital marketing strategy in place, consider adding in the translation and optimization of your website in another language. Translated content can improve organic Google rankings by increasing the chances of a website will be found in search results and increase organic traffic to your website. This is especially true as users typically search for content in their preferred language. This simple act of translating content can generate more leads to your firm and skyrocket your conversions – this is the heart of any successful business. 


Insider tip: to ensure a consistent user experience across all languages, translate the keywords and metadata for each page along with the content.

Increase your conversion rate

Most translated websites receive the added benefits of lower bounce rates and much greater user engagement and interaction with website features. As previously noted, your business can increase its conversion rates by tapping into a client source you probably would have missed had you not made your website accessible to those that represent the community you serve.

When a lead reaches your website in their own language, they’re more likely to stick around, engage with your content, and go on to make contact with you. You can increase your site’s conversion rate by creating relevant content, and what’s more relevant than having it in the visitor’s mother tongue!

Strengthen your brand

Whether online or in real life, first impressions matter. One of your firm’s primary assets to interact with visitors and potential customers online is your website. Hence, the first impression of your website lasts in your visitors’ heads. Adapting your website to local customers’ preferences and cultural intricacies through localization will lead to a better perception of your brand. The money you invest in localization and translation efforts is an investment in user experience and building up relationships with potential clients. It is worth the time and money to have your content professionally translated by legal industry professionals certified in handling translations in the desired language. 


Depending on your industry and the services you offer, certain terms may not be easy to translate, so it helps to use agencies that are well versed in that industry’s specific terminology. If you need any help in this regard or are looking for support in other areas, feel free to reach out and chat with us about gaining a legal marketing advantage over your peers.

-Team Soulpepper