With new search listing options on your Google My Business profile, Google is adding more ways for businesses to highlight how they’re catering to changing customer needs and behaviours as a result of COVID-19. These changes are not limited to just pick-up options, service changes, or inventory revelations.

Since the start of the pandemic, Google has been adding more ways for businesses to display updated options and service offerings in listings, like contactless curbside pick-up and changes to business hours as a result of COVID restrictions. Now the search engine giant is adding even more tags to business listings that every business needs to take advantage of pronto!

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According to Google, these recently unveiled changes are monumental as their recently released report showed global searches for ‘curbside pick up’, for example, grew well over 3,000% year over year. What about the stats for ‘takeout restaurants near me’? In the same time period, searches spiked more than 5,000%. How incredible is that?!

Additionally, Google notes that searches including “available near me” have more than doubled across regions and product categories. So what does this mean for your business? If you aren’t including these new and existing listing options on your GMB profile, your business is missing out on an incredible amount of potential web traffic!

You know what you need to do next, right? Log into your claimed GMB profile and update all the relevant information in your business profile options.

To tap into rapidly changing consumer behaviours and reduce time spent in-store, these listing changes are a game-changer for many businesses during the pandemic – regardless of industry. Don’t miss out on increased web traffic and conversions by choosing to not update your GMB profile to match these latest updates. The quicker your business is able to align its digital listings with evolving consumer needs and behaviours, the better you’ll do in these trying times.

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