Google & Soulpepper Host Workshop For Local Businesses

2018-10-03T22:54:08+00:00 October 25th, 2017|Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Life at soulpepper|

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Google to host an exclusive workshop for Health and Legal Professionals on Wednesday, November 15th. Liz Austin, Senior Partner Manager at the Google [...]

Culture Shock – How To Avoid It When Your Company Is Growing Quickly

2018-10-03T22:55:45+00:00 October 19th, 2016|Entrepreneurship|

With any growing business, you’re bound to experience some growing pains here and there – that’s perfectly normal. However, some can be more difficult to deal with than others, especially when it involves something intangible [...]

Value Your Time at $1,000 Per Hour: Making the Shift From Founder to CEO

2018-10-03T23:02:03+00:00 October 6th, 2015|Entrepreneurship|

The shift from founder mentality to CEO mentality is not a natural progression. Founders who have built their companies by controlling all elements of their business find it difficult to let go and let others [...]

VancityBuzz Features soulpepper Entrepreneur, Sean Jimenez

2018-10-03T23:02:25+00:00 September 8th, 2015|Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social Impact|

Want to find out more about the entrepreneur who put the soul in soulpepper? Check out the latest interview from Vancity Buzz where Sean Jimenez talks about social impact, giving back and the personal challenges [...]

The Future of Urban Farming. And Why You Want To Be A Part Of It.

2018-10-03T23:02:51+00:00 August 11th, 2015|Entrepreneurship|

We know a good idea when we see one. That’s why soulpepper is excited to share an amazing Kickstarter project started by VertiCrop™, who was selected by  TIME Magazine as one of the World’s Greatest Inventions. And [...]

Why You Should Let an Entrepreneur Develop Your Digital Marketing Strategy

2018-10-03T23:04:14+00:00 May 11th, 2015|Entrepreneurship|

Digital Marketing is just that. Marketing. But what would happen if you put an entrepreneur in charge of developing your digital marketing strategy instead of a traditional marketing guru? […]

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