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The world of online marketing can be extremely confusing, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their company. It seems like every other week, a new tool or platform emerges claiming to be the next biggest thing in digital marketing. We understand that with so many tools out there, it’s hard to know what actually works. After all, this is your business you’re running. The latest trend only matters if it’s working for you. This is where a digital marketing agency can help out.

If you are thinking about working with a digital marketing agency, here are some points to consider:


Marketing is an investment for your business, not a cost. If you’re a business owner then we know how busy your schedule can get. Time is your most important resource and we believe that you should be spending it running your business. The time spent learning a new skill or software is a large opportunity cost for your business.

Working with a digital marketing agency gives you access to a wide variety of expertise and resources that can drive down your costs. They have dedicated teams of online marketing specialists whose jobs are to monitor and optimize client campaigns on a daily basis. They are aware of the latest tools in the market and can advise on what works and what doesn’t. This is one way to avoid the learning curve and start reaching out to new customers right away.

Combined Resources

Another thing that is often overlooked is the tools and resources that are available to these agencies. Often,we have clients who are looking for one service, but discover that actually a combination of other services is needed to solve their specific problem. A common example we see are technical issues with the website. Most agencies may have an in-house developer who is capable of working on the problem as part of their complementary service package.

If a client is having a particular problem with an advertising platform, it’s likely an issue the agency has seen before! And, if not, good agencies have great relationships with vendors like Google with access to additional support, or access to beta programmes to help your business grow faster than the competition.

Rather than spending time and money learning a new tool, inquire with a digital agency about the types of service and support that they offer. They have access to and are familiar with the digital tools necessary to reach your organization’s marketing goals.

Measured Results

In digital marketing, your results are measurable. This way you can directly see what kind of customer data is coming in but more importantly, how well your online campaigns are performing and what decisions you can make for your business.

The metrics from your campaigns help the agency advise on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are beneficial to your business. Additionally, these KPIs are made in reference to your budget, so that you can properly evaluate the value of the service and the ROI.

Get an Outside Perspective

Beyond the technical work that a digital marketing agency provides, they also offer an outside perspective with new, fresh ideas. Often times, business owners can get lost in their own industry language that they can miss out on how their customers are actually behaving. Agencies take the time to conduct additional research to better understand customer behaviour.

This is a common factor that comes up in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). What we believe our customers are searching on Google can vary differently from reality. For example, if your business sells running shoes, you may say that your customers are looking for runners and running shoes. The reality may be that your customers are looking for “sneakers” instead, this can lead to a lot of missed opportunities for your business.

An Agency Relationship is a Partnership

When it comes to working with an agency, be sure to evaluate your own business goals before hand. This includes taking a look at your budget and objectives for your marketing campaigns. A digital marketing agency can be a great asset to help do some heavy lifting for marketing work, however they must align with your business goals.