We’re often asked what it’s like to work at soulpepper. Well aside from Free Beer Fridays (thanks to our friends at Google for our official Beer Fridge), soulpepper is the kind of place where everyone works hard and plays harder. From early morning kickboxing workouts and sunrise hikes to impromptu DJ dance parties after work, life here is full on.

Getting Our Kicks

Sensei Sean ran us through an early morning cardio kickboxing workout at Champions – Canada’s largest martial arts and fitness facility he helped develop. This was lots of fun until Paul Lean started to tee off on me. Easy big guy. I didn’t mean to call you Pauline.

Soulpepper Kickboxing Outing


Official Google Beer Fridge

Did we mention Google gave us an official Google Beer fridge because they love us? Seriously, they really do. So we keep it filled with free beer and inspiration for J-Money. It helps him bust a rhyme after work. That alone is worth shooting us your resume.

Soulpepper Google Fridge


Sunrise Hikes

Vancouver is world famous for it’s spectacular mountains, crystal blue ocean and magnificent forests. So we did what any tourist visiting our fair city would do by taking in several pre dawn hikes to experience the natural wonders of BC’s wild, west coast.

Soulpepper Sunrise Hikes at Quarry Rock


The Amazing Maze

What started as an innocent romp through a Fraser Valley corn maze quickly disintegrated into a bacchanal of revelry, drinking and marshmallow roasting around a bonfire. Good thing we didn’t have work the next day! Oh wait. We did.

Soulpepper Cornmaze Bonfire


Fright Night

No, this wasn’t a rush 6pm deadline from a client (those don’t frighten us anymore). Some of the braver souls at soulpepper attended Fright Night at Playland where a ghoulishly good time was had by all. (Or so I’m told by the ones that survived).

Fright Nights at Soulpepper


Bright Lights at Stanley Park

Organized by our resident Christmas elf Naomi aka The Good Fairy, this over the top holiday extravaganza is a tradition in Vancouver. Our team rode the Christmas train, knocked back the eggnog and dreamed of sugarplums while waiting for St. Nick.

Soulpepper Bright Nights


Dance Dance Party Party

We’ve got our own professional DJ spinning the wax here after work. Our lovable lead developer Gabe aka The Skydancer aka Soul Seek is keeping it real and takes every opportunity to fire up the decks to keep the soul train moving.

Gabe "Soul Seek" McCay Firing up the DJ set


Personal Intention Setting

Setting personal goals and intentions is an important part of the soulpepper culture. Our team supports each other in achieving our goals by offering rewards, motivation and advice (when needed) to help us all be accountable for our dreams outside of work.

Gabe's Soulpepper Intentions


Get Your Passport Up To Date

We work closely with all our clients no matter where they are located. Recently, we took some of our team to NYC to consult in person with Cosabella who have built a stellar reputation as one of the most sought after luxury lingerie brands in the world.

Soulpepper & Cosabella in NYC



We believe in higher learning and expanding our skills and horizons. That’s why we provide access and financial support for team members to take in events, educational seminars, online courses and more. All you need to supply is the desire to learn.

Howie Getting Educated


Calorie Counter

We’ve always got a pantry stocked with our team’s favourite snacks to help keep us going. Popcorn for Bogdan, toast for Rhonda, some weird kind of tropical juice concoction for Sean and an assortment of nibbles for Howie, our resident foodie.

Calorie Corner at Soulpepper


Family Dinners

At soulpepper, we’re been described as more of a family than a company. So it’s only natural that we corral the posse a few times a year and enjoy a traditional family style meal together. Here’s our latest one at Campagnola. Salute!

Soulpepper's Annual Christmas Dinner

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Written by Rik Klingle-Watt

About the author

Rik Klingle-Watt is a soulpepper and writer of the award winning documentary Not Business as Usual, a film about disrupting the business quo.

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