Creating memorable brand names is something I’ve built a career on. But what’s even more important than a brand’s name, is what it stands for. That’s why I love soulpepper. Descriptive and lyrical, it immediately paints a picture of who we are and what’s our jam.

As a company that’s on a social impact mission to change the world, we consistently focus our intention on the first part. The soul. But what about the pepper? Bold, hot, lively and vibrant, these are characteristics that spice up a dish. But it also describes our vibe, our team, our tribe and the people involved in the soulpepper movement.

Bold Action. Bold Rewards.

We use pepper to spice up a dish. But what if we used it to spice up our life?

It’s the ‘peppers in society who are destined to make great things happen. For themselves, their causes, and their communities. While they are successful, responsible, high performing individuals, my personal belief is someone who identifies as a ‘pepper doesn’t believe they are better than anyone else. They know they are awesome regardless of anyone else. They have the audacity to do what they want with their lives in the passionate service of those around them.

However, for many of us, living large, being bold and standing out from the crowd is something we are hesitant to do as we may risk looking bad or foolish in the eyes of others. So we keep our heads down, we plug away, and live comfortably below the radar. And way below our potential. But what if we looked at it through a different lens? One where we were all-powerful in our actions, unshakeable in our beliefs, and unstoppable in our quest to achieve what we wanted.

Spice Up Your Life

What have you been putting off for fear of looking bad or foolish?

So let’s think about that for a moment. What have you been putting off that you feel others would frown upon? Or would generate too much attention for yourself? What are you saying “Oh, no, I could never do that!” to yet in your heart you know it would be amazing?

My challenge to you today is to make the choice to spice up your life. Try adding a little ‘pepper and see how good it tastes!

  1. Have the ‘pepper to say, “No, thank you.”

  2. Have the ‘pepper to believe in yourself enough to start the project, whether other people affirm your qualifications or not.

  3. Have the ‘pepper to turn down good because you know you deserve great.

  4. Have the ‘pepper to be your own biggest fan, and to defend yourself, no matter what.

  5. Have the ‘pepper to make the call, accept the compliment, and elaborate your expertise without any guilt whatsoever.

  6. Have the ‘pepper to say “yes.”

  7. Have the ‘pepper to ask the question; and when it’s your time, to give the answer.

  8. Have the ‘pepper to be vulnerable, kind, sincere… and if you’re feeling it…maybe even cry and NOT apologize for it.

  9. Have the ‘pepper to state your boundaries.

  10. Have the ‘pepper to trust yourself, more than anyone else in the world.

  11. Have the ‘pepper to raise your standards.

  12. Have the ‘pepper to believe – really believe – that you are going to do it, and to know that as long as it’s serving the world and spreading the light, it WILL happen.

– – –

Written by Rik Klingle-Watt

About the author

Rik Klingle-Watt is a soulpepper and writer of the award winning documentary Not Business as Usual, a film about disrupting the business quo.

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